Our magazine will make you familiar with the most different types of holistic care. You will find the various information we believe you could find interesting!

We also work with companies and businesses that provide holistic services and with insurance companies that include holistic treatments into their plans. That way, if you are looking for a service in your area or you’re trying to get a new insurance that would cover (at least partially) your holistic treatment bills, we might help you out here.

We also have different categories we work on. Those include:

  • Types of holistic care.
    Here we review different types of holistic care and explain their meaning and why they are considered a part of alternative medicine. We want people to understand that the world of holistic care can be very different and it’s really huge.
  • Benefits of natural care.
    Here we share benefits of natural care and explain why you could try something yourself. You can find out what types of care help to battle stress, what types reduce pain and what you need if you have special conditions.
  • Places to get treated.
    If you’re looking for a place to get your treatment in, you have to check out this section. With the help of our readers, we created a virtual map where you can find the closest holistic care centers and/or practitioners to you as well as share your thoughts and leave some feedback. That would help other people to see which clinics they have to visit.
  • Patients’ stories.
    Here you will find plenty of stories that come from people all over the world. They all have different conditions, reasons to go holistic, background, etc. But they are all willing to share their experience with you and tell their story. You could contribute to this section and send us your story as well.
  • Advice section.
    Here you will find tips on the holistic care. If you’re unsure which procedure you want to try or need some help to choose a masseur, you will find those tips in this section.
  • Money advice.
    If you are experiencing issues with fitting holistic treatment into your bills, you should know that you’re not the only one with this issue. Our healthcare system is not that advanced yet, but we have a few tips that ideas that will help you save some money and reduce the cost of your treatment. We also review different insurance plans here for you.

We believe that everyone should have a right to holistic care, as it’s a primary medical need of a person. We want to help spread the word and help people find out more about their options with our magazine.