Go Holistic: Delivering a Baby with Holistic Practices

Every woman wants her pregnancy to be the easiest, the best, the healthiest. However, the rigidness of our medical system doesn’t allow a pregnancy to differ from any other. This way, the doctors don’t rely on your uniqueness and strengths, they treat you like any other patient. Many women don’t agree with this approach, but they don’t see another option.

However, it exists. Holistic care offers you a chance to structure your pregnancy and delivery the way you want it to be. This way, as a mom-to-be, you will have options and you will decide on the way you want your delivery to be. Among the biggest benefits of choosing a holistic approach are:

  • Decreased stress.
    When everyone around tells you what to do and what not to do it becomes terribly hard to stay calm. Women generally experience plenty of stress with their pregnancy and it’s not a good thing. With holistic care you’re the creator of your own pregnancy, which leads to lower stress levels.
  • Less discomfort.
    Again, you have a power to change anything and everything. That is inspiring and it will really lower the discomfort you experience when you don’t have a say.
  • Better health.
    Holistic approach tries to maximize your best qualities and enhance them.
  • It prepares you mentally.
    When you’re about to have a kid, you know that your life will change completely. This way, you will change. Because of that, it might be better to start preparing long in advance and it’s what holistic care does. It treats your soul as well as your body, so you’re ready when a moment comes.

Another big plus for future moms is that holistic approach tries to help women deliver vaginally and not to have a surgery instead. When a pregnancy goes naturally, that’s what should happen, so it’s no surprise that holistic practitioners prepare women for that.

If you’re wondering how a holistic approach would change your life, you should know that you will become much healthier than before. A few basic steps in starting a holistic approach are:

  • Changing your diet.
    Changing your diet means that you have to eat more whole foods, choose better products and avoid different products you can’t eat during pregnancy. You might also notice that your preferences change, so that shouldn’t be an issue. However, you would also need to take supplements. Now, doctors state that taking folic acid is crucial if you’re planning to have a child.
  • Getting rid of bad habits.
    It’s crucial that you avoid alcohol, quit smoking and get rid of other bad habits before you decide to have a child. Remember that if you continue smoking or drinking that might end up in you unable to give birth or lead to health issues for a child.
  • Exercising.
    It’s crucial to exercise if you want to have a healthy child and remain healthy yourself. Of course, starting with the 4th month you will have to reconsider your exercising schedule and choose something appropriate for pregnant ladies, but you still have to exercise. Some holistic care centers also recommend women do kegel’s exercise to make their pelvic muscles stronger.
  • Finding support.
    It’s crucial to have emotional support if you want to go holistic. You need to know that if you experience low moods or will have trouble, someone will take care of you and will help you recover.

The holistic approach will offer different ways to make you more assured and comfortable. Indeed, when you can’t take meds during pregnancy, the holistic way becomes the only way. But it can help you deal with nausea with acupuncture, to forget about constipation and other similar issues with hazel compresses and diet changes. Many women experience swelling and they can’t fight it, but massage might help. If you need to calm down, you could consider Reiki to feel better. Holistic care during pregnancy is a good way, as you won’t need to stay on meds.

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